You have entered a safe space where you can let your LIGHT shine! 

My wish for you, to re-unite you with your highest good & purpose, through Energetically healing any current/past life traumas, limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that have kept you stuck.

Anxiety, Overwhelm, Lack of Clarity, worry about the past or future, those are all symptoms of Energetic blockages and unhealed situations/traumas. 

Through the unique process I call Uncovering, Processing & Releasing you get to start truly co-creating with the Universe with Clarity & Trust!


My Offerings

In Person/Remote Telepathic Energy Healing 

One on One Telepathic Healing Package - 3 month package

Telepathic Energy Healing  - All healing modalities, Cord Cutting, Dark Lineage clearing, Past life regression, Negative energy transmutation, Angelic Messaging, Reiki channeling, Crystal Healing, Higher Guidance system introduction



"I had a healing session with Kelly & quickly booked her 3 month package! Her gifts are amazing! I definitely felt lighter after each session. She even brought up some things from my past I didn't realize was still an issue. I could still feel negative energy around my past but didn't know why. Kelly was able to help me release the cords to that person/situation. I felt so much LIGHTER, relaxed and less anxious. Getting messages from my Grandpa was an added bonus that helped me during my healing"

Christel - Client 

"Kelly is AMAZING! She is very intuitive and a beautiful person inside & out. My 1st healing session with Kelly I learned I wasn't as open as I thought I was. I knew I had some past traumas & had repressed them (no wonder I had all these physical alignments! Thumb pain, leg & hip pain, restless leg syndrome). Kelly helped me through the repressed hurts. I no longer have any pain & my emotions are balanced. I now live in the present moment and have clarity in all situations of my life"

Linda - Client 


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